Meeting Overview

UseR’s, join us 6pm March 15 for pizza, networking and talk about R in Room 121E of DeVos Center. Same building as our inaugural meeting, but down the hall in a regular classroom. We have three presenters scheduled for the meeting. I’m also told we will have wifi access this time, so feel free to bring along your network devices so you can follow along with the discussions.

Talk Formats

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are short – 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions – informal topic oriented talks, a couple of slides and/or a demonstration. Time to show off that great new package or code snippet you found (or developed yourself). Students, these are a great way to add to your resume! The format is essentially the same as conference contributed talks, but we’re a LOT less intimidating.

Use Case Talks

Use case talks are longer – 30 to 50 minutes – going into more depth and are more work flow oriented.

March 15 Meeting Schedule

Lightning Talk

  • Dave Kendall (Advanced Radiology Services) - Word Clouds

Use Case Talks

  • Aaron Clark (Advanced Radiology Services) - My First Shiny App
  • Dave Zeitler (GVSU/FS) - RStudio Projects

If anyone would like to give a lightning talk or a use case talk, please let Aaron or Dave know so we can schedule it. We may even be able to fit you into the next meeting.