Expand your R vocabulary, get goodies

Inspired by Hadley Wickham’s Advanced R chapter, Vocabulary, we have a fun challenge for our WMRUG members! We are looking for people to talk about R functions that you think should be in every R user’s toolkit. Participants will get FREE CANDY or FREE COFFEE!

An R programmer has a tendency to collect cool functions and idioms over time. When an R programmer comes across a problem that they have not encountered before, they usually have to hit the documentation, browse the blogosphere, or peruse some package vignettes. This is a great way to discover new functionality and become a more well-rounded R user.

We want to leverage each other’s expertise to become more well-rounded as a group and share our knowledge with each other. Please come show us some gems in your collection or show us that you can teach an old function new tricks!

How it works

It’s easy! Just present a short 10 minute talk about a function at a West Michigan R User’s Group meeting. After your presentation, you get your choice of KING SIZE candybaR or a $5 gift card to StaRbucks.

What you have to do

  1. Identify a function that has been helpful to you or you think every R programmer should know.
  2. Tell us what the function does.
  3. Tell us why we should use it.
  4. Show us its usage.
  5. Show us a use-case or two where you have used it.

Email your presentation to the West Michigan R User’s Group with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Which month you would like to present
  • Which treat you would like
  • Whether we can post your presentation to this GitHub repository (under GPLv3)
  • (Optional) You may submit a PR to this repos if you would like.


Need inspiration?

  • Looking back at at some of your old R code is a good place to help you get started!
  • Check out Hadley Wickham’s Advanced R chapter, Vocabulary if you need some ideas!

Having trouble making the presentation?

  • R’s documentation is a great place to get started with basic information on a function
  • Rmarkdown has lots of great slide formats, such as ioslides, reveal.js, and slidy.

“Why should I?”

  • The prestige of showing off your R knowlege.
  • Practice your public speaking skills.
  • Engage with your fellow WMRUG members.
  • If that is not enough, think of the FREE GOODIES!

Happy hacking!