That’s right, WMRUG is moving its digital space! We are transitioning away from Meanwhile, we will be leveraging other familiar platforms, like our blog and forum.

We hope this move will give us more flexibility to provide you with top-grade R-related content, while keeping our costs at a minimum.

New Opportunities

This format change presents an opportunity to extend our concept of WMRUG membership. In addition to our monthly meetings, which will continue uninterrupted, expanding our forum and blog means that the meeting doesn’t have to end at 8:00pm every third Tuesday of the month. If you have some cool R stuff you want to share with the group, just post it up on the forum! If you want to follow up a talk with a cool article or code snippet, post that too! Keep the conversation going!

Q and A

We know that this change might be bumpy at first. We have prepared some questions and answers that should hopefully answer all of your questions. If you have any additional questions, you can always contact us at

How do I stay involved?

The best way to stay involved is to keep coming to our monthly meetings. You will always be able to see the next meeting at the Upcoming Events page.

In addition, we encourage you to join our Google Groups forum. We will be using that platform to serve up announcements and other useful group info. The link to the forum is in the top navbar.

How will I know about meetings?

You can see all the details on upcoming talks in the Upcoming Events page. The link is available on the top right as well.

The best way to keep in touch is to join the forum. We will keep you posted on all the current events there.

Is there a way to automatically get content from WMRUG?

You can subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up on all the latest blog posts by the WMRUG team. You can expect to find major announcements and meeting summaries posted there about every month or so.

Final words

In almost three years since WMRUG’s inaugural meeting, we have had some great talks, made a few friends, had some good conversations, and even helped a couple of members find a job. Looking ahead at the next three years, we see a bright future for WMRUG. We will contintue to meet and search for great speakers as long as people keep coming to our meetings!

Thank you,

The WMRUG organizers