Meeting Details  
Date March 17, 2020
Time 18:00
Location WebEx
Parking None


We are excited to host another joint meeting with our partners at Data Science and Analytics West Michigan.

This meeting will be held on WebEx. This is our first time using this technology to host our meeting, so please bear with us :-).

Join by clicking on the link below. If you’re not familiar with WebEx, it would be good to try joining early to get things setup. Note there is an audio only phone line if all you want to do is listen in. Within the WebEx environment we will be able to share video, computer screen, post comments and chat.


Meeting number (access code): 794 328 892


+1-408-418-9388 United States Toll

Tap here to call (mobile phones only, hosts not supported).

Big Data Hubris: Limitations in Aggregating Uber and Google Data

By Thomas Weinandy, Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Economics at Western Michigan University

Big data hubris is the belief that big data sets are a substitute for, rather than a supplement to, traditional data collection and analysis. Thomas will share how his understanding of big data has evolved during his economics research and why 273 million Uber trips is not considered “big” enough. He will also discuss lessons learned from the rise and fall of Google Flu Trends.

Lightning Talk: Migrating CRAN Packages After R Upgrades

By Paul Egeler, M.S., GStat, Spectrum Health Office of Research and Education

This will be an interactive dialogue on how to best migrate packages from previous versions of R into the new R environment after a system upgrade. Paul will discuss common strategies found online as well as his own approach.