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Date Sept 15, 2020
Time 12:00
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Big Data Ignite 2020

Mark your calendar! The free Big Data Ignite 2020 Webinar Series “Data-Driven in Uncertain Times” takes place from 12 - 1 PM every Tuesday and Thursday from September 15 to October 15. Program available at Today’s data ecosystem is undergoing fundamental shifts that call into question the value of historical data and existing data models. At the same time, these paradigm shifts create unprecedented opportunities to explore how data analytics and engineering can adapt and evolve to deliver improved insights even in uncertain times. Join us online for timely talks addressing current issues and successes in data science and information management. Register for free at, and please forward this message to others who may be interested.

Presentation: Tuesday, 9/15 at Noon

Predictive Maintenance Pipeline Using R

Presenter: Nagdev Amruthnath

Co-Sponsored by:

West Michigan R Users Group


The manufacturing industry is currently going through its fourth industrial revolution with advancements in quality, computer vision, safety, and maintenance. Among these advancements, predictive maintenance is seen as the magical unicorn for achieving a competitive edge and significantly improving efficiency. In a study by PWC, it is estimated that by implementing predictive maintenance, manufacturing industries could reduce cost by 12 percent, improve uptime by 9 percent, reduce various risks by 14 percent and extend the life of the machine by 20 percent. In this presentation, we introduce predictive maintenance, build predictive models using R, and deploy them in a production environment.