Big Data Ignite 2021: Leading Out of Uncertainty

The Big Data Ignite 2021 Online Conference is coming together quickly. Innovation continues to push the agenda, serving a top-notch, regional data-technology community that brings together not only data scientists and engineers, but also business leaders, civic leaders, teachers, and students. Past Big Data Ignite conferences have collectively attracted well over 1000 attendees from over 100 companies. Now in its 6th year, and with the global reach of an online event, visibility for speakers within the growing Big Data Ignite community will be at an all-time high! Big Data Ignite (“BDI”), a Michigan-based nonprofit, has been recognized as a source of unbiased intelligence and authority on all things data for its growing constituency.

The Big Data Ignite 2021 Online Conference will feature industry & academic leaders in a series of 60-minute lunchtime webinars between October 5 and October 30. In addition to the invited speakers we’re working with, Big Data Ignite would like to make this conference a community event. We’d not only like you to attend talks, but participate in talks and/or give a talk yourself. Let the community know what you’re doing. We’re all interested in hearing!

Submit your proposed talk at the Big Data Ignite website speaker link. If there are enough interesting proposals, we may even extend the series into November!

For additional information contact: