Meeting Details  
Date July 12, 2022
Time 18:00
Location DeVos 107D
Grand Valley State University: Pew Campus
401 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Parking DeVos lot and ramp


We continue our ‘back from pandemic’ series with a talk by co-organizer Aaron Clark! Join us at 6pm in 107D DeVos on the GVSU downtown (Pew) campus.

Tracking shiny app usage tools

You’ve been working on a new shiny app for weeks, months, or maybe even years. You’re ready to release it to the public or maybe train a group of new users soon. After release, maybe you can’t gather feedback from your end users easily. How do you know if people are actually using it? In particular, are they using the app how you intended them to use it? User adoption is SO important in software development and tracking user adoption metrics through the tools presented in this talk can help inform a developer of many things: is my app being used? Is a specific person using my app (like the CEO)? If so, which features or workflows are being used most/least? Does that align with my expectations? Do I need to enhance the user friendliness of certain widgets to increase the adoption of certain features? Do I need to spend extra time marketing my application, or perhaps certain features?

Shiny developers not tracking usage statistics are simply working in the dark.  As such, this talk with cover various tools that exist to help answer these questions (above), making you a well-informed developer. Specifically this talk will cover adding google analytics (for public apps) or matomo analytics (for private apps), exploring built in RS Connect “instrumentation” tracking, the {shinylogs} package, the {shiny.stats} package, and more.

Presentation YouTube link: Github repository of slides:

Presenter: Aaron Clark, Biogen

Aaron is a  Principal  Data Scientist at Biogen developing R packages and Shiny apps to advance the use of R in clinical trials.