Meeting Details  
Date August 9, 2022
Time 18:00
Location DeVos 107D
Grand Valley State University: Pew Campus
401 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Parking DeVos lot and ramp

Business meeting

This is our last summer 2022 ‘back from pandemic’ series! We will start the meeting with a discussion of how WMRUG will go forward into the fall. Discussion to include:

  • Frequency - monthly, alternate months, other?
  • Format - speakers as we’ve done in the past or more hands on R?
  • Location - GVSU or Calvin as we’ve been doing, or find another venue?
  • Suggestions - other suggestions?


We hopefully have two presentations, the first is by Andrew Borgman and maybe a second talk by Paul Egeler (to be announced).

Beyond Basic Shiny: a Survey of R’s Not Dull Web Ecosystem

Do you love R? What about Shiny? Or just the web in general? If so, you may love this not dull discussion of R’s web ecosystem beyond basic Shiny applications. We’ll review exciting extensions to the Shiny ecosystem and check out other non-Shiny web frameworks that have been built with different design philosophies. Whether you are looking for better application styling, improved end-user experience, or are hoping to develop something other than a single-page application within R, this talk may be for you.


Presenter: Andrew Borgman,

Andrew Borgman leads a “full stack” Shiny development team at a large life sciences company where he helps create innovative data products that speed up the drug development process. He is a long-time R user and has been building Shiny applications for almost a decade.